Growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, I was very fortunate kid, even though my parents did not have a lot of money. My parents wanted to ensure that my brother and I went to at the best schools, involved in sports and extra-curricular activities. Little did I know at the time how much my father was working to make their plan work. He had two jobs essentially. One was with a major airline at the airport, where he would drive 60 miles one-way, 5 days a week for 40 plus hours. The other job was his side business, working on small aircraft as a mechanic. My mother was mostly sick growing up, so working was a challenge for her. My parents gave me and my brother every opportunity to do the things that we wanted to do in life. How fortunate to have such loving parents.

I have learned about their struggles throughout my childhood. The bankruptcies, the credit cards, and being short on pay all the bills. In reality, my parents took on too much to make it all work. They lived outside their means and it was a heavy cost. Of course, I appreciate the opportunities that they created for me, however I wish it wasn’t at such a big price for them.

When I entered college, we had to take out student loans because of the college I choose. Even as I was able to choose the place went to I could attend college, my own money struggles started to begin. After a couple years of not really being focused on my studies and running low on money, I finally woke up and created two goals as I finished college.

  • I wanted to meet a beautiful, wonderful woman and have an awesome family.
  • I wanted to be financial comfortable without major debt.

Once I left college, I found my dream career and my beautiful wife. We are fortunate to have three awesome, active, loving kids. Luckily, my wife was able to stop working to help raise our children. It is important to both us that our kids would have a great start in school.

As we have grown over the years and our children become more active in sports and schools, the costs for these items have increased. One could say, I have followed my parents footsteps to some degree in trying to provide my children with every opportunity in life.

With one income, we have to manage our money carefully. No buying brand-new cars, swimming pools, or expensive houses. Even as we limited ourselves, we have had our own struggles, just like my folks to some degree.

However, we are learning from what my parents went through and we have stayed in front of these issues. Now these days, we are looking into the future as we prepare for college costs and retirement.

My wife and I have committed to each other that we want our children to be debt when they finish college. It’s important for them to start their careers on the right foot.

Why do I want to help other people ?

The reason why I decided to create a website on Financial Freedom Lifestyle is because many of us struggle when it comes to our financial situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to where you don’t have to work shift hours anymore or you could work at home on your own hours? Wouldn’t it be nice to live inside your budget and not worry about money?

For some people, just having their own business has been a goal for many years and they are looking just for some help. Many parents have been in my shoes as they struggle with their own financial challenges and Financial Freedom Lifestyle is a website designed to help anyone improve their financial situation.

The Goal!

This website is designed to help others find ways to improve their financial situations. Look, we all are trying to find a better way to make our lives easier, especially with money. We all want money to be stress-free. If your a parent, you want the best opportunities for your children.

Welcome to Financial Independent Lifestyle.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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